How to embed Facebook posts in AMP page – WordPress

We can embed Facebook posts in AMP in two ways:

1. Using AMP plugin for WordPress

This plugin is developed by ‘Automattic‘, the corporation behind It provides an easy way to embed Social media posts to WordPress blog that is compatible with both web and AMP version.

To embed a Facebook post in your WordPress article, simply add the URL of the Facebook post in WordPress editor in a new line:

After publishing the article, you can see that it appears perfect for the web as well as the AMP version.

So many of you are coming to visit for #Canada150! Visit our #HiddenGems to avoid the crowds #NationalTourismDay

Posted by Parks Canada on Sunday, May 7, 2017

You can view the AMP version of this article by clicking this link on a mobile device.

2. Without using the plugin

If we are not using the AMP plugin for WordPress, we need to use the amp-facebook component.

1. Include the amp-facebook component: Place this script in the above the closing of the <head> tag.

2. Now we can embed the twitter post by adding the below code to our template file.